Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution

Hill’s Metabolic Diet Program

metabolicRecent studies have shown that over 35% of dogs and cats are overweight. Pets are the same as people in that being overweight or obese is a big risk factor for many disease conditions including diabetes, arthritis an other joint disorders, heart disease, respiratory disease, high blood pressure, and skin problems.

Fortunately there have been many recent improvements in pet nutrition that allow us to help you tackle weight loss.

The University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine has developed a computer program that allows us to determine an accurate Body Fat Index that accounts for variability in breed, sex, age, and skeletal size. Now, based on physical exam and selected body measurements we can calculate the ideal weight for your pet and determine an appropriate food and calorie intake to promote healthy weight loss. Using this food has successfully resulted in weight loss for 88% of dogs and cats in the first two months.

metabolic-logoProper nutrition is just one component to achieving proper body weight. We all know from personal experience that the biggest motivators for pets are food and attention. It can be hard to say no to those loving eyes staring up at you from the pantry. We have developed a weight loss program that takes into account your pet’s total body health, medical history, and your concerns for over feeding practices and exercise. Here is how it works!

  • Make an appointment for a complimentary exam to determine your furry companion’s Body Fat Index and ideal Body Condition Score.
  • Have thyroid function screened to make sure that low thyroid hormone is not contributing to slow metabolism and weight gain.
  • For pets over 10 years of age we recommend performing a blood panel to ensure that there are no underlying metabolic problems that would make a weight loss program unsafe.
  • Transition your pet to Metabolic Diet according to the feeding guide provided.
  • Continue complimentary monthly weight checks over the recommended weight loss program period and consult with one of the staff members regarding any nutritional or medical concerns.
  • Use for exercise and activity ideas.

While not every pet can be transitioned to this diet, we still would like to be proactive in helping combat obesity in our patients. Please feel free to call for an appointment. Additional information on weight loss, nutrition, and pet friendly activities can be found on this website.

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