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dog-388130_1280Red Rock Canyon
1000 Scenic Dr
Las Vegas, NV, US 89124
(702) 515-5000
Cost: Fee for entry into park

Pets are welcome at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Pets are permitted on trails, and should be leashed to minimize conflicts with other people, other pets and native wildlife. Pet owner is required to clean up pet waste (baggies for waste disposal are available in the campground and at the Scenic Drive fee station).

In the campground, pets must be leashed at all times. Pets may not be left unattended. Pet owner is responsible for picking up pet waste. Pets must be leashed at other developed facilities such as the visitor center, Willow Springs picnic area and Red Rock overlook.

Pet owners are reminded that summertime can reach to temperatures above 110 °F and leaving a pet in a vehicle can endanger their life.

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dog-452988_1280Echo Canyon-Fossil Ridge Loop
Blue Diamond Hill, across from the main part of Red Rock Canyon
Las Vegas, NV, US 89124
Cost: Free

This is a wonderful area to take your dog for a walk or a run. Parking for this hike is along SR 159 just outside the entrance to the horseback riding road. You should park in the Horseback Riding Parking lot when heading to the trail and then follow the road to the horse riding area, past the corral and the area where riders rest. Dogs must be kept on a leash until you get past this area. After you take the trail on the farthest right, head away from the ranch.

Here, you have the option of letting your dog run leash-free if you desire while walking the well-beaten horse path. Once you get to the top, you can go back down through the canyon right back to the parking lot, sharing your walk with horse riders and mountain bikers. You will want to re-leash Fido at this point. The trail can take a few hours, and there are a lot of boulders upon which you can sit and rest.

Tips: Blue Diamond Hill has trails all over and it’s a great place to explore. You can start at the trailhead and string together several sections of trails to make your hike up to 6 or 7 miles. Bring your own watr and a snack for energy, including one for your four-legged friend.

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