Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution

Congratulations Isabella! Sun City’s Winner of Free 1 Year Metabolic Diet!


“About 2 years ago our niece came to live with us and started secretly feeding our dog, Isabella, people food when we weren’t looking.  Our 8 pound dog turned into a 13.8 pound beach ball.  She had stopped chasing her ball, she had difficulty breathing, and could barely climb up the stairs.   

After we figured out what happened, we cut her food back and tried to help her lose the extra pounds.  Nothing worked.  We finally just concluded that she was getting too old and would likely not be with us much longer.  Then, our favorite veterinary technician suggested we try the Metabolic Diet dog food. She loved it!  In no time at all, our little Isabella came back to life.  She is back to 10 pounds and runs and plays all the time.  I am confident that she will reach her goal weight this year. Thanks to the Metabolic Diet.”

Sun City Animal Hospital says: “We’re so happy that Isabella is more fit and active! You did it Isabella (with some help from your caring owners)!

Client: Sonya S.
Pet: Isabella

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