Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution

Snickers montey

“Since both cats have been on the Metabolic Diet for 4 months they have each lost 1 lb and they seem to like the food and look forward to being fed. They both have lots of energy and they are playful and loveable.”

Client: Laura D
Pet: Montey & Snickers


“Kali has lost about 20 pounds. She’s enjoying her long walks more. She exhibits greater energy and is all about chasing balls and usually brings them back.

Sun City Animal Hospital: Way to go Kali! She is living a much healthier, happier life since losing weight.”

Client: Dale and Karen S.
Pet: Kali


“Our female 6 year old dachshund Bella had back surgery about a year ago, after surgery she became lethargic and gained weight. Dr. Knehr suggested we give her Hill’s Metabolic Diet weight loss program. She has lost most of the weight she gained, loves the food and is much more active and has more stamina. We give our male 5 year old dachshund Vinnie the same food, he loves it too and stays slim.”

Client: Robert B.
Pet: Bella and Vinnie


“Mandy likes the food, and very slowly she is losing weight. She does not exercise very much.

Sun City Animal Hospital: Hopefully as Mandy loses weight, she will have more energy and will enjoy exercising more!”

Client: Herta B.
Pet: Mandy


“She is losing weight and is much more active than she has been.”

Client: Ed F.
Pet: Pixie

Dakota Curcio

“Dakota has lost 12 lbs since she started on Metabolic Diet food since May 2013.”

UPDATE: Dakota looks great and has more energy since starting her weight loss program.

Client: Lynn C
Pet: Dakota

Patrick Henry Brown

“Hill’s Prescription [Metabolic] Diet has been perfect for Patrick Henry as he has lost 10 pounds to date in a consistent and slow rate. This has been a safe and stress free way for him to become more healthy. Best part is he loves the food and as long as I stick to the correct serving he loses weight.”

“Look at my slim waistline!”

UPDATE: Patrick Henry is looking and feeling great! He is at a healthy weight now and is staying on Metabolic Diet. We recalculated his feeding plan to maintain his healthy weight.

Client: Cheryl B
Pet: Patrick Henry

Tilly Klipstein

“Since we started Chloe has lost over 3 pounds and Tilly ½ pound. They both seem to like the food and treats. We want to get them to their healthy weight.”

Client: Jim & Colleen K
Pet: Matilda “Tilly” & Chloe

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