Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution

Abby Dunlop

“She has lost weight and has more energy. Plays like a puppy again and she is almost 9 years old.”

Sun City Animal Hospital: “Way to go Abby! It’s so great to hear how good you feel!”

Client: Lynn D.
Pet: Abby

Gypsy Rose Lee Hunt

“I tried for 3 months to get Gypsy to lose weight. I had no success, so my vet suggested I try the Metabolic Diet. The target weight was 7.7 pounds. The vet said the food is full of fiber and my Gypsy wouldn’t be hungry. In 2 months Gypsy was at her target weight. The vet says this weight loss will help her arthritis and extend her life. I highly recommend this Metabolic dog food for every animal with weight problems.

Sun City Animal Hospital: Gypsy reached her goal weight and is now on a maintenance schedule with Hill’s Metabolic Diet. Way to go, Gypsy!”

Client: Kathleen H
Pet: Gypsy Rose Lee

Sable Freitas

“Metabolic dog food has been a life saver. Sable has been doing so good. She was gaining weight with the food I gave her before, she was at 94 pounds. Then I put her on Metabolic dog food and she has been losing weight and feeling lighter. She’s at 84 now and sill losing. She should be at her goal weight in no time. ”

Client: Lisa F
Pet: Sable

Calvin Kamen

“Cal has lost 9 lbs since he started on the program in February. The food has provided him with all of his daily nutrition. He does not show any signs of being hungry between his meals. His activeness has increased noticeably since the start. Great program.”

Client: Steven K
Pet: Calvin

Willie Sunbury

“Willie has seen weight loss since joining the program, resulting in an increase in his energy.”

Client: Kirk S
Pet: Willie

Althea Neff

“My golden retriever began to wobble during walks and did not have stamina to finish her routine. She hit 84 pounds and wasn’t herself. The Metabolic food began changing everything from her activity level to demeanor within 2 weeks. Now after four months, she’s leaner, healthier, and actually runs after her kids again like she did as a puppy. We’re thrilled to have Althea back.”

Client: Erin N
Pet: Althea

Hughie Hefner Charmel

“Hughie has started jogging with me since his weight loss of 8 pounds. He is walking much better and has more energy. He has had shaking in his legs since we adopted him a year ago, probably from some type of nerve damage. It is much less pronounced now that his weight is down. It will probably never go away but his weight definitely affects the leg issues. This program is a life saver for us. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will highly recommend to any dog with weight issues. ”

Client: Jennie C
Pet: Hughie Hefner

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