Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution

Metabolic Diet Winner 620 x 400Congratulations Maggie Mae, Sun City’s Winner of Free Metabolic Diet for 1 Year!!

“On the first month being on the program, Maggie lost 1.3 pounds. She has never lost weight before! Her target weight is 5.4 and she is now at 6.4 pounds. Thank you!”

– Maggie’s mom, Linda C.

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Puff Singer 2She was overweight. Doing great on this program – she likes the food and it satisfies her.

Client: Virginia S.
Pet: Puff

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Pepper PlataniaHills Metabolic has been a life saver for Pepper, who had gained weight over the years. She should be reaching her goal next month but we will continue using Hills because she does so well on it! Thank you Hills!

Client: Kenneth P.
Pet: Pepper

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Paige WilcuttPaige has been doing wonderful on her diet! She loves the food and treats. When we were switching foods she picked out the new food and left the old food on the carpet for us! She is losing weight but enjoying it at the same time!

Client: Shannon W.
Pet: Paige

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Maggie started at 90 pounds and now weighs 72. She enjoys hiking and running at the dog park now…easier to get in the car too. A few more pounds to go. We will make it! She really enjoys the metabolic food.

Client: David E.
Pet: Maggie

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Blue Hayes Barke AfterLost 1 pound!
Less hairballs!
Good energy!
He loves it! – Most important!

Client: Leslie B.
Pet: Blue Hayes

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Samie DoddsMaintains weight with minimum exercise. Coat stays shiny.

Client: Robert D.
Pet: Samie

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Bailey Heinrich (2)“My dog has lost almost 6 pounds in a month. The prescription diet works so well if you stick to it!”

Sun City Animal Hospital: Bailey is on his way to a healthier, happier lifestyle – good job Bryan and Bailey!

Client: Bryan H.
Pet: Bailey

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